Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Another Catching Up- This is becoming a bad habit.

All right. So it has been a while again. We have been really busy the past few weeks.

I picked up a couple of extra days at work. We visited my mother-in-law for a memorial and remembrance at homecoming at church. I am in overdrive helping my son finish his online school program so he can be done and have his diploma in hand so he can join the Marines by the end of September. We have been trying to get garden work done and prepare for the fall garden.

I am still the best seller at work. We have a contest that will be starting this weekend regarding sales. I fully expect to win it. Actually, the manager and assistant manager both told me they expect me to win it, as well. The manager is not eligible, but the asst. man. is. But right now since she is still new, she is trying to get things in shape and isn't spending a lot of time with the customers yet. And compared to the other two who work on the lot with me? No challenge!

My son found out that there is a vacancy in the enrollment for the Marines at the end of September. It is the same MOS as he selected and if we can get his diploma before then, he can get signed up and go then. The kid who was supposed to go can't pass the PT test, so he can't go yet. Apparently, there are a couple of other kids who might also vie for the spot, so I am helping him get through his last two courses for school. It's only two, shouldn't take too long, right? Well, it obviously can. It's English. And a ton of writing. For a kid that likes texting because he can use text lingo and shorten everything. A kid who barely passed his first two English classes. He hates it. Will do math and science all day long, just please don't make him write an essay! So I get to help. A lot. I have been spending hours a day for days to help. I am so glad my husband is willing to let me help and help me with other things that need done as well. My poor dog and cats think I have abandoned them, I have paid so little attention to them lately.

We ripped all the corn and beans out of the garden. We already burned part of what we ripped out and are waiting on the corn to finish drying so we can burn it too. I hope to be able to do that this weekend. Then we can pull out the vining plants and let them dry so we can burn them up as well. If you are wondering why I want to burn instead of compost, I shall tell you. Since we ended up with an insect problem and had some powdery mildew, I want to get rid of it completely instead of trying to cook it out in the compost and risk it again next year. With our humid climate, funguses and mildews are an ongoing problem or concern each year already. I will also be harvesting a lot of tomatoes today that I will put in the dehydrator. Mostly cherry and pear tomatoes. They are good rehydrated and put on pizza and in sauces for pasta.

It has been very hot and humid here the past couple of days. A few days last week were downright beautiful. We had the windows open several nights last week. Possibility of rain today and tomorrow. I hope it does as what is left in the garden could desperately use it.

We had the truck in the shop again at the end of last week. This time we don't know what is wrong with it. The shop couldn't figure it out either. Basically we were told to let it get worse so we can figure it out. When they had the truck (for three days), it not once acted up. Of course. We are not sure if it is a sensor starting to go bad or if it's the transmission or who knows what. We had the transmission flushed and refilled because originally we thought the tranny was the problem. Now we are not so sure. Since all we can do is describe what we think is happening and the truck didn't do it when the shop had it, they couldn't diagnose it. So we brought it home. And while my husband has been riding to work, when we did drive it, it didn't do it for us either. I would wish miracle cure and that it righted itself, but I know that is not how it works.

I have had several long talks with my husband lately. I know, I know. Just what a guy wants, right?!? I am glad that he did though. I have been stressing over a lot of things recently and needed some help to get my head straight. I wanted to talk to him and not some girl friend because I wanted advice and help, not sympathy. Men and women have their strengths and weaknesses. I needed the strength from my husband, not an "I know how you feel". He helped me figure a few things out and I am starting to feel much better and not quite so stressed. As time passes, I know that the stress will go away altogether. And that is why men and women are different. We need to be to work together and help each other.

Two Saturday's ago, I had the dog back at the vet. I got home from work on Friday night and was his usual self. Jumping all over, head down butt up tail wagging shaking his whole body happy. He followed me through the house while I was doing my get home routine. Then I took him outside and he was just fine again. About that time my husband rolled in. Puppy started his whole greet routine and was still just fine. My husband went to change out of his work clothes. Dog and I followed. He changed, we came back out in the kitchen to our customary chairs and dog limped a few steps to the edge of the kitchen and stopped. Holding his paw up. He did eventually come a bit into the kitchen but wouldn't put any weight on his paw. I tried to look and he didn't like that so I left him be a few minutes. Then I picked him up and held him while my husband looked at it. Nothing to see. Then he ran through the house like nothing was wrong when a jet flew over, barking his head of like usual. I guess he has to let me know there is a jet just in case I can't hear it. Or feel it, they shake the whole house. Then back to limping. I am pretty sure dogs don't fake injuries. Off and on all evening. Same thing the next morning for the first two hours. Then I got him down on the floor with his paw turned over. Oh my. Redness, swelling, growling when I touched it. So I called the vet and they said bring him in. So I got my workout for the day getting him out to the car and in it. Then I got my next workout for the week once I got inside and he started going for every animal in the place. He likes cats but likes to chase them. He does not like dogs any more. Thanks rat dog from across the road. Plenty of dogs at the vet's office. Finally they put us in the exam room. I put him up on the table and this little gal who must still be in high school comes in and says Hi! I'm Dr. something-or-another-I- didn't-catch since I was still stuck on the fact that she looked younger than my son. She was competent and smart though. I pinned the dog to me so she could look without any chance of puppy biting her. Turns out he had bitten his nails again- Something I am actively trying to get him to stop doing. But instead of the problem being that he bit it down to the quick, he split it. She asked if we had carpet. Why yes we do. And rugs everywhere since he will NOT walk on tile or linoleum. So she deduced that he caught his split nail on the rug and pulled the tendon. That is why he had redness and inflammation. She tidied the nail up. Gave me some anti-inflammatory meds that are steroid free and sent me on my way. To the front desk and the dogs that my dog wanted to eat. I paid and got my ass outside, thus ending the workouts needed for the rest of the month. Still had to lift the dog into the suv and out again once we got home. Which I accomplished. Then went to work to sweat like a pig and lift plants and trees all day. Man, you would think I would be in shape. Although, as my husband tells me, round is a shape.

We are still doing good on keeping our sugar consumption down. We are trying to eat smaller, more frequent meals to avoid over-eating. That seems to be going better for my husband as when I am at work, I really don't eat the whole time I am there. I have a six hour shift, therefore, no required lunch break. Which I am not fussed about as I am hot while I am there and not interested in eating anyway. I do, however, drink an entire bottle of Pedialyte when I work. In addition to two or three bottles of water to stay hydrated.

That seems to be the bulk of what has happened the last few weeks. I am hoping that, other than getting this school work done, the next week or so is uneventful. I won't plan on it as this year seems to be our year. For stuff. I guess we are getting it all out of the way at once. Which, hey! I am A-Okay with.

P.S. Tonight for supper is salmon patties. I have no idea what we are having with it yet. Just that we are having salmon patties.

P.P.S. I am thankful for my husband. I am every day. He is a blessing to me and I feel so lucky to have him and his strength and wisdom.

Friday, August 10, 2018

My Almost Bucket List

I read a post a day or two ago about bucket lists. Like Patrice, I have never had a bucket list. I never felt the need for one. I didn't panic when I turned 30. Or 40 for that matter.

I remember when I was in my early 20's, I worked in my mom's office part time. One of the gals that worked there was getting ready to turn 30. She was truly upset and worried because she had a bucket list and had not completed it. She had children, she was turning 30, her life was over! Very dramatic. I asked her why turning 30 was so bad. She lamented that she was getting old. I didn't understand because I wasn't knocking on the door to 30. Of course, I also had to ask what a bucket list was since I had never heard of it.

When I turned 30, I breathed a sigh of relief. No more would people look at me think I was still "young" and immature. I was an adult. No more being told I was only 20-something and I couldn't possibly understand. Mind you, I had my son when I was 22, one month to the day before I turned 23. It's not like I was a single, childless college student who had never been in the real world. I had a full time job and was raising my kid. I finally felt I had joined the ranks of adulthood.

I  just don't get the idea of a bucket list, though. If you have a goal or a desire to do something, why are you not striving to do it now, instead of some unspecified time in the future? Why wouldn't you want to? We have a goal and desire to own our own land. We are working towards it now. We have a goal date set. I don't understand the idea that you would want it and not go after it. If you have some place that you want to see or go, why not start saving now.

Maybe it's just me, but I look at a bucket list as a way to be unmotivated. If you can put it on a bucket list, you don't ever actually have to strive towards it. Perhaps some folks do. I don't know. I only know of a few folks that ever talked about having one, and without fail, none of them did any of the items on their lists and then complained about it. The folks that did do great or fun things, did them because they had an opportunity and they took it. My mom and sister went to Spain. A friend of mine went to Peru last summer. They didn't put it on some list and then whine about not going. They saved up the money (in my mom's case working two jobs) and went for it.

It could be that I don't feel the need for a bucket list because I don't have a desire to travel much beyond getting on the bike with my husband and taking a short trip. If I ever get to see the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone or some other place, then I will be pleased about it. I won't, however, be sad if I don't. I still have seen many beautiful and moving places in my life. I choose to be happy and content than to be sad and disappointed. If I were to have a bucket list, item number one would be to be happy.

What do you know? I had a bucket list and I completed it.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Hooray for Thunder Shirts and Other Daily Goings-on

I am happy to report that the thunder shirt is working. My dog still doesn't like the storms and thunder, but instead of hiding and shaking and pounding heart, he simply finds a place to lay down where it's fairly closed in and dark. That is a huge improvement. I am so glad that we got it.

We did get the garden sprayed. The stuff that we used has neem oil and an "exciter" to make the bugs come out and eat the treated leaves. Then they die off. It affects their neurological systems so that they stop laying eggs and stop eating. Course when I went out the next day to water, I saw about a million bugs I think. It was a little surprising and kinda gross to see so many. We will spray again next weekend to get them under control before we plant the fall garden.

I have saved and dried a bunch of the beans we grew this year for planting next year. The pintos and Cherokee cornfield did really well, the red beans did ok and the limas and tiger eye did not do well at all. Hopefully as I keep planting them, the harvest will improve as it adapts to my soil and micro-climate.

The corn is now a total loss. The last two storms did it in. I thought last week after the storm that I could probably salvage some of it. The storms yesterday pretty much finished it off. I am not sure that any of it will mature enough to save any seed. Bummer. Plus as it fell and broke it started smothering the squash plants. I think that bed is going to be done for now. I will leave it there until after we spray this coming weekend to make sure we get any bugs that might be hiding in there and then rip it all out. I don't think it has too many pests as none of the plants look like they have been munched on.

The peanuts, on the other hand, are still going strong and looking splendid. It will still be a while before they are ready to harvest. They have a long maturation date.

We had to fix the truck again. Over the weekend as we were out running errands, the fan quit blowing. Which sucked because it was so hot and humid. We first replaced some resistor thing. I don't remember exactly what it was called. It was cheaper than the blower motor and if it didn't work, we figured it's still a new part and we won't have to worry about it going out later. It didn't work. So the next day my husband bought the blower motor. We went out and changed it. It was surprisingly easy to do. Now it works again.

I have an old rocking chair that I will be restoring and cleaning. I spent some time researching it. It appears to have been made in the early 1900's. I need to clean it to see if I can find any identifying mark on it. It is a mission style chair and seems to be in the Stickley style. Without finding the mark, I can't be sure of the maker, though. I don't think it has any actual value as the seat cushion has been replaced and there seems to be either a back cushion or something along those lines missing. It does, however, appear to have the original springs. I just think it's cool to have a piece of furniture that is that old. I actually got it from my mom years ago. I also have an old dresser that I think I will do some research on to see if I can date it as well. Also from my mom. I seriously doubt that it is worth anything, either, owing to the stickers I put on it as a kid!! Although I may be able to get them off without damaging it. It makes me wonder with furniture that old where all it has been. How many people have owned it. If it could talk, what stories would it have. They were both obviously well cared for as they are both in pretty good condition. Even if they are 100+ years old (which is what classifies a piece of furniture as antique), they have both been in my family, either my mom's house or mine, for probably 40 years or more. I will have to ask her when she bought them. I just remember them always being there.

I roasted some garlic yesterday. Oh man, does that ever make the house smell good. I saved all the tops that I could to use in fresh cooking. Waste not, want not and all that. I also made breakfast burrito guts yesterday. We don't wrap them anymore, as my husband hasn't mastered the biting into things yet without his plate coming loose or moving. So I make the innards and he just eats them off a plate instead. It's a really filling hearty breakfast.

After the storms yesterday, it cooled off enough that I was able to open windows and use fans. Boy, I love fresh air in the house. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for air conditioning. I just get tired of the staleness in the house when it's on. I also love to have fresh air when I am sleeping, as does my husband.

This afternoon, I am going to find my mayonnaise recipe and make it so I can make my gouda cheese dip. It's quite tasty. I am not sure how well my husband will do with crackers, but maybe he can use bread instead. I imagine it would be good on anything. It's cheese. That's kind of like bacon, it goes with everything. And if it doesn't, then you shouldn't eat it!

That's about it for the last several days. I don't really feel like I have gotten a lot accomplished. I did get things done, like laundry, washing down cabinets, sorting and purging lids for food containers that I no longer have the bowls, organizing cabinets, etc., but there really isn't anything exciting or news-worthy about that! I do feel that they are all important tasks as I would not have to worry about those issues if something happened. Just not worth putting up a blog post about it. Do you ever feel like you haven't accomplished anything if it wasn't something big?

Starting next week, I will be working two days a week. The new assistant manager seems pretty cool. She told me she heard good things about me and that she could be very persistent and would be in getting me to work more. I told her I could be very stubborn, but was willing to test our wills! Which in that case she would actually win since I had already decided to start picking up more hours. Slowly to make sure the dog doesn't freak out when I am suddenly gone more than one day a week. Plus, as I start working more, I am hoping that the temperatures start going down. I realize they won't for a while yet, but I can handle a couple of days for now.

Well, I am off to find something to do. I am not sure what I will accomplish this afternoon. I just plan on flying by the seat of my pants to figure it out. Probably start with cleaning the bathroom since I washed the bathroom rug yesterday. Don't want to put a clean rug in a dirty bathroom. 😁

P.S. Supper tonight will be ham steak and eggs. Or maybe the cheese dip and crackers with some fresh fruit. Not sure yet.

P.P.S. I am thankful for my husband. I had a killer headache this morning (sinus) and he let me sleep in. He really takes good care of me. I can only hope I take care of him as well as he does me.