Friday, November 13, 2015

Baby, It's Cold Outside! (Or maybe it's just me)

We have a bit of a cold snap coming in this weekend. Possibly some freezing temps overnight. Well, it's November so we can't complain.

Most people who know me, they will tell you I am always cold. Where I used to work, it was something of a joke to everyone. Here comes M with her layers and layers. How many layers do you have on today? Except the days I had hot flashes - I mean "power surges". Then the new comments started - Where's your jacket? Oh, you do have skin on your arms! Like I am some kind of alien and the skin on my face was a farce and really the rest of my body must have been make of some kind of metal or something. What am I, The Terminator? No I am not, but that would be bad-ass!

I am working on the cold thing. My hands and feet get cold very easy. Like painfully cold. Many people have made the comment to me, especially in the summer, oh it must be nice not getting hot. Well, I have news for you, it's not. Imagine it's 80 degrees outside and your hands are hurting and so cold that it's hard to type. When your job requires working on a computer, that really sucks. But, I have learned that some of the coldness is mental and just requires some conditioning. This summer and fall, I have been working on "teaching" myself not to be so cold. I have actually been outside on days when the highs are in the 60's just in jeans and a t-shirt. I do get cold eventually, but to be able to go outside like that is a huge step for me.

I also set "requirements" for myself about heating the house. We do not have a furnace. We have a fireplace, space heaters and kerosene heaters. We have a temp gauge in the living room. I set the "rule" that I cannot use any heat source until the temp gets down to at least 64. I have stuck with this rule most of the time. (I've had a couple of fallbacks.) I am proud of myself. It used to be that if it was below 75 or so, I was cold and "had" to have some heat. Now I just tell myself that I am not cold. Believe it or not, it does work. Not every time as I have had a couple of days that I was cold no matter what I told myself. So I bundled up. I can't turn on the space heaters and start a fire every time I get chilly if I am going to save us money. More layers are free. Heat sources are not.

I guess what this ultimately boils down to, is mind over matter. If I believe I am cold, then I will be. If I don't believe it, then I won't be cold. This works with so many things.

What does this have to do with being prepared for things? A lot, actually. If I am wrapped up in 2903657 layers because I am always cold, what do I do when a winter storm rolls through and knocks the power out? Remember, I live in a trailer. In about 5 seconds, all the heat in our home would be gone if we relied only on electric heat (which we use in the bathrooms). I would freeze in about 10 seconds. Also, in those 2903657 layers, how do I function? I look like the Michelin Man and am just about as graceful. Teaching myself to not be so cold, however, I can wear less layers and be less affected by the cold. I can move about without bouncing off the walls and furniture. It means that we don't have to use as much fuel for heat, regardless of the source. It also means that I can be outside in cooler weather to help with the work that needs done around the house and yard and not be in pain from the cold. And what a difference that has made for me. And my husband. Just think the amount of work I am saving him. How, you ask? He can chop less wood! I do help him. I just am no where near as fast, efficient or capable as he is.

So, what are some things that you are doing to get yourself mentally prepared?

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