Saturday, December 1, 2018

Have You Checked Your Insurance? And the Homesite

Well, this shit is pissing me off. I have been trying to answer comments and am not able to. I have started a post a couple of times and it kicks me out and loses what I have typed and pictures I have uploaded. So I shall try yet again.

We are ok. We have picked out the house we want with the upgrades that we want. We have hopefully found the land that we can get. My son is moving out on the third of December, whether he likes it or not. I am renting a truck and moving all his stuff to his grandmothers and she can deal with/have him. Which now we have to rent a truck since we don't have one to drive out of town. See below...

Oh... And my husband was in a car wreck. He is ok. The gal he was forced into is ok. The guy who T-boned him is ok. The gal he was run in to is ok and we know this because it is a gal my husband works with who was there when I was there. We have both talked to her and she didn't get any injuries. My husband had a bruise on his elbow, but no other injuries. The somedude that hit him, well he said he wasn't hurt, but that really isn't my concern. The truck:

I realize it may not look like much, but the entire truck bed shifted, the frame was bent, and the cab frame was bent. All because somedude was in a hurry and driving too fast. I am just super-duper-over-the-moon happy that my husband wasn't hurt and that somedude hit the passenger side of my husband's truck instead of the driver's side of the car that the gal he works with was in. That might have been really bad. And she is a really good person. Here is somedude's car:

Fortunately, we have good insurance. They have taken good care of us.

Speaking of which... When was the last time you looked over your insurance? Have you checked your coverage? Your deductibles? What is covered in a loss? Do you have access to your information if you cannot get into your filing cabinet? (You do have a filing cabinet to keep track of info, right?)

Life happens just like I said in my last post. Be thankful for what do have while you have it.

Anyway... The house and land. We found two properties that would be acceptable to us. Both are out in the boonies. Like 20-25 minutes from the nearest gas station, let alone a store or anything else. Exactly what we are looking for. One is ok for a traditional loan based on acreage. The other one we are looking at a farm loan because there is more acreage. Which will obviously be our preference. We will talk to the real estate agent and the farm loan folks on Monday to see where we stand. We are really hoping we can make a deal and get the larger plot of land.

We are both really excited to get into our own place. We do realize that the process may make us want to pull our hair out at times, but knowing that we will have our own home and land makes all of everything coming worth it. Our dreams about our future and what we want and what we want to grow and the ability to put up a shed without the shed Nazis coming down on us is a wonderful incentive to put up with whatever is coming our way.

And did I mention having central heat? I haven't had that for years. Neither has my husband. We want to be spoiled again. Even if it doesn't last because of (whatever, SHTF, etc.), central heat will be nice so we don't have to fill the kerosene heaters. I don't even care if it is for a short period of time. I will be glad to come home and the house be warm when I come in. Same for summer. It will be nice to know that the air is running and is constant throughout the house instead of one room is cool and the rest is an oven. We will be sooooooooo glad to get out of this trailer and trailer park.

So far this has worked and hasn't disappeared. Stand by for more updates...

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