Sunday, December 2, 2018

Goodbye Son, Maybe Hello a Possible Homesite?

Tomorrow, we move my son to his grandma's house. He is there now and will come back in the morning to help us pack up the rest of his stuff to go. He was supposed to come back tonight, however, the truck that he and his dad decided he HAD to have has had nothing but problems. Which is not my problem. He will come back in the morning to help us load and move the rest.

The insurance has declared my husband at fault for the accident. After telling us that they do not rely on the police statement for a decision, they informed us that based on the police report, not eye witnesses, he is at fault. So we are liable for all of the damage. 👿 That makes me not happy.

We are not going to buy the land and put the house on it. We were given a quote about a month ago and that is what we were working with. The guy that we were working with no longer works with the company (retired due to health reasons is what he told us when we texted him). When we went back in to talk about the upgrades that we wanted and all that, the quote came in almost $20,000 higher that what we were expecting as the base price was "suddenly" about $18,000 higher than originally quoted. NO DEAL.

We have been looking at some different properties. There does not seem to be a lot out there in our price range. We know what we are willing to pay and so far it is limited. We did find one that we went to look at today. It definitely needs some improvement, but might be within reach. We have reached out to the owner for the questions that we have and are waiting to hear back from him. It is 11 acres of pretty much woods with some living space cleared and a little unfinished cabin on it. There are some pros and some cons with it. We need to talk to him and get some clarification on a few things, but it is a possibility.

What I miss is gardening. I miss being able to go outside and enjoy our yard without yard Nazis telling us what we can and cannot do. It is like having an HOA without the benefit of actually having someone make sure that everything looks ok. Which a garden should look ok. Plants should look ok. What we both really want is to be able to plant what we want without anyone telling us we can't. It's not like we want to plant some weird stuff that makes a place look awful, like bamboo.

We will get out of the trailer park. That is obviously our end goal. That being said, we won't do it blindly or stupidly. We will pursue every avenue available to us. And we will question and second check every option until we find exactly what we are looking for. I know that we both feel that it is really important that we get out of here before it is too late. It won't be by a stupid decision, though.

I want to have a big garden that I can actually preserve a lot of stuff. I want to have chickens so that we can have fresh eggs, and meat :). I want to have some other livestock, be it rabbits, goats or cattle. I want to have to room to spread out when we are outdoors. I want my dog to be able to run around and not in a small fenced in area. I would really like for my husband to be able to shoot a deer off of  the porch. 😀 I just want some land we can call our own and not be dictated what we can have or do.

So far, the last few days we have been at work. My work is having an unprecedented turnover rate so my hours have increased a lot. We have not gotten a lot done here as it is dark when we both get home.

What kind of things do you get done when it is dark outside by the time you get home? Do you have a way of lighting things outside or do you just work indoors?

How are you all doing? What is going on in your life?


  1. How can the insurance company fault your husband? You described in the other post he was T-boned originally, that person is the one at fault, any damage post that is his fault. I am not an attorney but I did stay at a Holiday Inn... I would talk with your attorney before accepting that finding. Did the T-boner get a ticket or summons after causing the accident? Life goes on M, just waiting out the silly season and all the idiot shoppers going into debt. I am having surgery on my legs come the 11th of this month and I am glad to get it over with. Nothing much happening here in the wilds of Eastern South Dakota, just snow and ass biting cold. I put up my travel trailer and had it winterized, but I look at every time I drive by it at the storage lot and wish I had it hooked up and heading south... Did you read the last posts about me living in Dandridge, Tn awhile back? Is that close to you? I liked that area of TN, but didn't much care for Pigeon Forge or that area around there, too commercial with Dolly Parton stuff. I don't do tourist traps well. I stay away from crowds, safer that way. A cabin eh? I like small cabins, just what I want, nothing big, nothing hard to clean, heat and cool. Take care and have fun!

  2. I thought your son was supposed to go into the Marines? Did that fall through?