Friday, January 25, 2019

Another Update

I still cannot answer comments, so I will address that here:

My son was supposed to go into the Marines. I have no idea if that will happen now. He was gifted some land by his dad and a small building to go on it. He has been working on it to make it livable for himself for the last few weeks. Tells me that he still plans on going. That said, I don't believe him. I think he will just settle and find a job and move on with life and never join. I hope I am wrong.

We did not hire an attorney for the accident as we believed based on what the insurance company told us that my husband would not be found at fault. Since we are working on purchasing property, we are not interested in a long drawn out court battle over who was at fault. Maybe we should take that route, but it is more important to us right now to figure out how to get out of here. He has never had a claim before so hopefully that helps us in the long run.

We are done with Christmas now. We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed visiting with family. It was nice to get to visit with everyone. Since we lost the truck, our out of town visits are limited. It needs to be fairly close right now or we don't have a vehicle to get us there. We will have both vehicles left worked on now, but can only do so much at a time. Mostly because we want to put as much towards moving as we can. Not to our detriment, but as necessary.

We have looked at the land with the "cabin" on it a couple of times now. The owner actually mailed us keys to the building that is on site so that we could get inside and see it. Unfortunately, the "cabin" is not really livable, so we would need to build something that we could live in. That being said, the price of the property and all the work that has already been done, we can't really beat it. We will continue to follow this lead and see where it takes us. We really hope to our future home.

Over Christmas and the first of the year, we had some time off together and really enjoyed it. I have talked to my mom a few times and am not seeing or hearing any reason to be concerned for confusion or inability to care for herself. She is coherent and all there, if you will, when we talk. My husband's mom only seems to have some regular old "old timers" even with the confusion that seems to have. We are glad for that, as obviously we want our parents to be ok. At least as ok as you can be as you get older.

I know I have said this before, but I really miss having a garden. We have not dismantled the garden beds that we have currently, but we cannot plant anything in them as we will have to eventually, as in sooner rather than later. It won't quit raining for us to do anything with the beds, or we will have to move mud. I don't want to move mud. It's heavy and hard to move. So I won't until I am good and ready. Like when we move.

As things are beginning to change for us, I will try my hardest to keep updating.

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