Sunday, September 23, 2018

A New New Journey

So now we are going to embark on a new, new journey.

We made the decision to get the 5th wheel and go to the campground. We started to make our plans. What size storage shed would we need? What all would need to go to storage? (Hint: a lot!) What could we take with us? Where would the litter box go?  Where will I put my canner and dehydrator? On and on those questions were swirling. It was starting to seem like a Herculean task. One we could accomplish, but wow. However, it was that last question specifically that sent us back to the dealer to get some measurements to make sure I had a home for both of them.

We took ourselves on down to the dealer, they let us into the camper. Our name was plastered on the outside of the door. That was really cool. :)  So in we go with our tape measure and my notebook. I have to write everything down to make sure I don't forget. We start with some of the cabinets. So far so good. We work our way to the back bunk room. There is a wardrobe in there that I thought would make a good place to store my canner and jars. There is also a little shelving unit that I thought would be a good place to store the lids and other paraphernalia for canning. That was when we finally saw it....

Water damage and powdery mold. There was only two little places at the very bottom of the half bath door jamb that had water damage. The mold was in the shelving unit and at the bottom of the half bath door. If we had not been using our flashlight, we may not have noticed it. It was not a dark black mold, it was that really light hardly notice it mold. Except with a flashlight. Loud and Proud then. That right there is a deal breaker.

The guy that we worked with was not there on Saturday, so we are going back tomorrow to tell him the news. Sorry, you didn't make the sale. We will show him why. He will try to tell us it will be ok. He will try to convince us we can just replace the door jamb and door and everything will be peachy keen. Too bad for him, not happening. If they can show us something comparable, something with similar space and price, we will consider. I don't think they have that based on what we saw when we have been there looking. So, I will consider this divine intervention. Thank my lucky stars we didn't jump off into this with no return and now we can figure out our next new path. And maybe it feeling like a Hurculean task was because we were supposed to go back before they did the detailing and cleaning or there is the possibility that we would have never known until it was too late. As was said in the comments on the last post, we don't want someone else's problem child. I already have one of those: he is 18.


  1. Preppin, it sound where it is a roof leak and they can be a bear sometimes to find, usually a seam or from around a vent or other opening in the roof. When I buy a RV, I do take a good flash light and a small step stool so I can crawl up into hard to reach areas. If they dealer doesn't allow you to do that say thank you and beat feet out of there. I am glad you caught it now. It does present an opportunity to ask for a lower price if it is something you could live with and fix yourself or they might be willing to fix it for you. Now, that being said and you don't take the trailer they will clean it up with bleach and sucker the next person. Like I said they are not your froend, they are used car salesman...

    1. While it would present an opportunity to ask for a lower price and fix it ourselves, we won't be doing that. I rented a house once that I discovered had a mold issue after moving in. It took a few months before I noticed it, but once it started coming back through the paint, I could not get rid of it. I bleached and cleaned and scrubbed but it never stopped it. It made my allergies go haywire and I was miserable the whole time I was there. I did end up staying there for 11 months, moved and paid up the last months rent to get out of there. I won't take that risk again. I do realize they will just clean it up and are not likely to tell the next person. I only hope that when they do clean it up, it's not in the walls or carpet or anything like that so whoever buys it is not suckered. I have no control over that part, but do have control over the fact that it won't be us.