Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Just a Little Ramble

Well, shit. I spoke to soon. No sooner than I posted on Saturday that they had not been back to finish taking the trees out, the guy showed up and pulled out almost all of the privet that was left. There is just a short portion towards the very back of the property. Now, we have zero shade on that side of the trailer. We have just a little bit of shade left at the back for our little awning/gazebo. Which I expect will be gone soon enough. I can only be thankful that we are going to be cooling off soon. I hope soon enough anyway as I really don't look forward to the power bill that will come with trying to keep this little oven cool.

I talked in the past about canning some hamburger. I used some last week for the first time. I made a casserole with the hamburger and potatoes with a white sauce and plenty of cheese on top. It turned out really good. Makes me feel better about my cooking abilities. Also makes me feel better about my canning skills, albeit new skills. We will be canning more hamburger in the near future.

I dehydrated my basil. I planted several different kinds of basil and the only one that came up was the Red Rubin basil. It smells delicious and looks beautiful. We cut it down and picked all the leaves off of it and tossed it in the dehydrator. Usually, leaves of any sort do not take a long time to dry so it was finished off in just a few hours.

We have had several storms here the last week. One of the storms knocked our power out just as we were starting supper. Fortunately, we have more than one way to cook supper, so it really didn't stop or deter anything. We just lit an oil lamp and got out the camp cookstove and finished cooking. I am so glad that we have multiple ways of getting things accomplished. However, we do need to get more of the one gallon cans of propane for the cookstove.

The dude is back next door. He is tearing down the trailer today. Thank God. That thing was a real eyesore now that all the privet is gone. We couldn't really see it when the privet was still there. He seems to making good time with it. I do wonder how long he will be at it before he is finished with it, though.

I am also keeping an eye on hurricane Florence that will hit the coast. Obviously, I don't live there as I live in TN, but depending on its strength and where it hits, it could still dump a lot of rain on us and possibly some wind. If that is the case, I will start some preps here for the yard and garden to make sure we don't have any damage.

That's it for now.

P.S. Supper tonight is still unknown. I haven't decided yet!

P.P.S. Today I am thankful for the cooler weather of the past couple of days. It has been really nice out, even with the off and on rain.

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