Sunday, September 9, 2018

Short Post, Just a Question

I have a question. What is the issue with tattoos? I am not trying to be facetious. Is it all tattoos? Just the people who think they need to tattoo their whole body? Just a face/neck issue?

I am just wondering as I have read several times the past few weeks about people not liking tattoos. My husband has five and I have three. Only one for either of us is visible even with short sleeves. If I wear a tank top, the two on my back are visible. Neither of us have large tattoos. Just small ones that mean something to us. I know plenty of folks that have tattoos that are normal productive citizens.

So, I am just wondering if it is all tattoos on everyone or just some tattoos that are offensive and unattractive.


  1. I myself like tat's unless they fill up and entire side of the torso and half their face. A few nicely done and have meaning to you is cool. A few are unique, interesting. Covering the plaster is paint. To be fair, I don't have one, never found one that I wanted on my person, but ya never know, one day I may find it.

  2. I should take pics of mine and post them. One is my last name in Egyptian Hieroglyphics. One is a pink ribbon with the Chinese symbol for strength (My mom beat breast cancer) and the last one is molon labe not in English letters of course so the only folks who know what it means is someone I might enjoy talking to!!