Thursday, June 21, 2018

Canning and More Canning

It's supposed to rain here today. So far, it has sprinkled just enough to make my dog want to come in.
Then it quits and he wants back out. Then it sprinkles and he wants back in. I am well trained, obviously. I hope it does actually rain as I don't want to water again and the garden could use some rain.

We got more canning done. We canned the green beans we picked out of the garden. Since it is mostly just my husband and me, I chose to can in pints so we don't have a ton of leftovers. I got five pints of beans from one week of picking! Not bad for my little bitty garden.

I also made some beef bone broth. I have made it before with added veggie leftovers and canned some in quarts. This time I wanted pints for smaller amounts. It was very strange for me the first time I made it, as I didn't know it came out white-ish. I thought it would have a brown color to it.

I have also made ham stock from a smoked pork butt my husband smoked up. OH MY! It was delicious. I used some of it in the navy bean soup I made on Tuesday. Talk about a little slice of heaven. Well, bowl of heaven. I didn't even add any seasoning to it. It didn't need any. We will definitely be doing that again. The ham was delicious and the broth was delicious. I'm making myself hungry...

I took several pounds of hamburger out of the freezer and hope to can that tonight. Today, I plan on canning the rest of the beef bone broth. I will also be making some breakfast burritos to put in the freezer for my husband to take to work for breakfast. I will be heating up the kitchen today!

I have no idea why, but my dog and cats were really acting up yesterday. They were not fighting or anything. Well, the dog wasn't. My cats were both quite testy yesterday. Hissing and swiping at the poor dog. He was too close for comfort, I guess. Every time I start to think the cats will relax and just ignore the dog, we have another day like that. At some point, they will all figure it out.

The solar generator is charging today. Since we have a good chance of storms for the next few days, I figured I better get it ready. I have also gotten a start on laundry and filtering water to refill our pitchers. Busy bee today.

I'm off to the kitchen to start some cookin'. And no, I won't be barefoot today.

P.S. Tonight for supper will be eye of round roast. I have never cooked that before. I'll let you know how it turns out.


  1. That is something I wish I had my mother teach me. I used to be her mule and snap peas, husk beans and corn and pick up the canning pot, but other then that I sat nearby with my mug in a book of working on one of my models and didn't pay much attention to her canning or ask questions. I do know how to garden because that was my 5th favorite thing to do and I stole fresh veges during what ever was growing or ripe.

  2. My husband stole veggies as a kid too! I didn't really learn to can from my mom, I have a book and look stuff up online to figure it out. We always had a few things growing but not like what we grow now. My husband did grow up with his family growing a large garden. We have discovered that we really like to can and preserve what we grow.

  3. I agree with you Preppin, ain't nothing better then fresh vegges and fresh cooked food. I can't really stand to eat at restaurants anymore because the food is bland and all tastes them same. We lived on two acres in Oregon and we always had a large garden and I miss having that.