Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Storms and Suppers

It has stormed here again today so we did not put the gazebo up. It's supposed to storm again tomorrow so we will not put it up tomorrow either.

I was planning on canning today. When I was ready to get started, I saw the forecast for storms and decided to hold off until tomorrow morning. Since we lose power here so readily, I did not want to risk the jars going into the canner and then not finishing due to power loss.

Today was a regular day for me. I got laundry done. It was outside for a while to dry. Nothing like the smell of laundry hung outside to dry in sun and fresh air. Then the clouds started rolling in, so I brought it in to avoid it getting soaked again.

As I said yesterday, I made some beef veggie soup Saturday morning. For the beef, I used the eye of round roast I made and didn't eat, as the meat was really tough when I cooked it the first time. I tried a recipe I found online that was repeated several times so I hoped it would be good. Not so much. I cut the roast up into pieces and made a tomato juice, with some other veggies pureed and added in, and let it sit overnight hoping to make the meat more tender. I added some beans and corn to the mix and let it simmer all day. When we ate it and to begin with the meat still wasn't tender enough for me and the soup had way too much meat. To stretch the pot of soup, today I added more veggies (carrots, potatoes and some zucchini from the garden) and a bit more tomato juice. Now it has the consistency and look that I hoped for the first time. Plus it stretches one dish that will have a few leftovers into something we can eat for a few more days. (It makes a great lunch.)

Any ideas on how to cook eye of round roast good and tender the first time? I am thinking I need to pressure cook it, but cooking beef is a new thing for me. I didn't grow up eating much beef. I was totally missing out! My husband is a total beef and potatoes kind of guy, but hasn't had much experience cooking roasts, so we are a bit clueless in this!

I would also love some recommendations on cube steak. It is not something that I have had and like so far, but we have some from the beef we bought. I am thinking I will need to pressure cook that as well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I found a broiler pan at Kroger. I have been looking for one for a while now, but after reading reviews decided against any that I found online since I couldn't put hands on it. On Sunday, we went grocery shopping and checked out their kitchen stuff. It is a Good Cook brand. I think I will be pleased with it when I use it the first time.

 Change of thinking now: we have had almost three inches of rain in three days. How much rain have you gotten? You getting flooded out?

P.S. Supper tonight is the fixed and added to soup.

P.P.S Today I am thankful for readers (Annie) that help me out and give me some tips! Advice is always welcome! 😀


  1. cube steak-not sure what that is where you are, here it is a round steak that has been tenderized by machine. We chicken fry it or make swiss steak (tomatoes, bell peppers and onions simmered) Not familiar with eye of round roast, but all our roasts are done low and slow (250* for a minimum of 4 hours) with onions and golden mushroom soup (NOT cream of mushroom). You can also try a roast in a crock pot with Au Ju mix and a stick of butter for 8 hours on low, that never fails to produce tender tasty meals.

    1. Cube steak here is tenderized round steak as far as I know here, too. I think I will try the swiss steak! That sounds really good. I will check out the golden mushroom soup, but if it has added sugar (we are trying to cut out all sugar possible), I will have to learn how to make it at home. Butter? Now you're talking! We love butter-the real stuff only!

  2. How well did you do in the storms? And can we come over to Randy's place for supper?

  3. Cederq,
    We did not have any damages but did get over 5 inches of rain this week. I spent a significant amount of time calming the pets down with all the thunder, though. I have had poor internet connection as well. I use a hot spot from my phone and the speed for that is pretty slow and every time we have bad weather, it just doesn't want to connect.